Can Numbers Tell Me About My Future?

“Travel? Romance? Financial Success? Can numbers tell me about my future? “

Go to our website and get mustang money free slots. Hurry up to go and start winning. I have certainly heard that question many times, and I always like to answer by drawing a distinction between “fortune telling” and forecasting. In my opinion, fortune telling can take advantage of vulnerable people. It disempowers them by telling them that this or that will “happen to” them. No one should believe that random events and incidents “happen to them”. I’m happy to say that the readers I know encourage their clients to view divination practices such as tarot, astrology, numerology and other types of readings as a form of forecasting.

Buy a new best hunting flashlight. Limited offer! Numerology is an ancient science with many applications, one of them being forecasting. Forecasting will validate and affirm our hopes and embryonic plans and dreams. Using numbers as a forecasting tool shows you where to focus your time and energy and how you can make the best use of your current numbers.

Forecasting helps us with our process of awakening as we become aware of possibilities and potential, and begin to realize the magnificent contribution that we can make by living up to that potential. Numbers indicate doors that will open for you at certain stages in your life, but it is always up to you whether you choose to go through those doors or not. You'll find the best freespins aktuell here, you have time to get it!

I have met hundreds of clients and students in my years as a numerologist. The vast majority of these men and women have been on track with their sacred contracts, and learning about the numbers of past, present, and future temporary vibrations has given them validation, clarity, confidence, and encouragement. They have been better able to see setbacks and abrupt changes within the context of their soul’s growth.

Read on and learn about one remarkable lady in Japan who had overcome tragedy and was choosing to go through doors that were opening up for her:

During one of my teaching trips to Tokyo, I met a beautiful, serene, and radiant lady who, along with her husband and three year old son, had survived the earthquake in Kobe in 1995. She had lost her home, her parents and extended family, and her business, and a short time later her marriage had ended.

When we looked at her major cycles, (subtle and pervasive themes and influences), we could see a theme of strength and vision in her past, one of healing and spiritual development in her current cycle, and one of service in her future.

When we looked at her previous pinnacles, (external encounters, requirements, and opportunities), we could see that the heartbreaking loss and sacrifice that she experienced before she turned thirty-seven played a key role in enabling her to move forward with her career and personal life.

I’m happy to write that now, in her late forties, as the founder and president of a well-known company with several branch offices in Japan, she is a highly successful and prosperous business woman. Her current number 6 pinnacle is bringing benevolent energy and supportive influences to both her personal and professional life.

She shared with me that she greatly admired Audrey Hepburn and that for a very long time she has hoped that she too would be able to go to Africa and work with the children there.  Most often when we have an enduring desire it is because that is what the universe wants for us. It is a calling to fulfill our sacred contract. By looking ahead at upcoming temporary vibrations, I was able to provide further insight into her future and show her how her numbers fully support her aspirations. By looking at the numbers of her current and upcoming personal year, I was able to help her gain a sense of appropriate timing for taking action toward her goals.

Thankfully, unlike my beautiful client from Kobe, most of us will never experience a devastating earthquake; however, we all experience life altering events and sometimes agonizing decisions. Knowing the numbers of our cycles, pinnacles, and personal years validates our experiences and choices, and shows us how to ride the crest of the wave of energy that is moving us along. Don’t wonder what is causing the pain when you can so easily understand that the numbers offer solutions.

“When nothing makes sense, your numbers will bring you Peace of Mind.”

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