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The Magic of 8

What do Success, Prosperity, Faith, Trust, and Action all have in common?

  1. They all add up to a number 8 vibration.
  2. They all represent essential elements of the energy of number 8.

Buy a new best hunting flashlight. Limited offer! Since ancient times 8 has been known as the number of material abundance and worldly success. Yet to reap the benefits of 8 it is necessary to maintain exquisite balance between the material world and the spiritual world. – “As Above, So Below”.

8 is the number of trade, commerce and finance. When I’m helping clients choose a date to incorporate or register their business I always look for an 8 day since that will set up an 8 life path for their business and position them for positive returns on their investment.  I often guide them in choosing an 8 name for their business as well, as long as that name connects energetically with their target market and supports their mission statement. You'll find the best casinos free spins ohne einzahlung here, you have time to get it!

Some people I meet find the world of business and finance uncomfortable, perhaps even intimidating or overwhelming. They may have an 8 karmic lesson and are by nature not comfortable or confident in this world. They may have had setbacks in their personal finances and feel discouraged by difficulties in “getting ahead”.

Some have an 8 life path or day of birth and find that life brings them many opportunities to connect with the financial world. For example I recently presented a workplace team-building session at a local bank. More than one-third of their staff members have their birthday on the 17th or 26th of the month.

Whether they are in business or not, many people want to know more about the energy of prosperity, and some want to break a cycle of debt. Very often they are unaware of the connection between money and the number 8.

It’s important to me to share information about the nature of 8 – the spiritual principles, karmic requirements, and human constructs that help us to connect with its energy – as well as the proactive choices that will help us avoid pitfalls and reap the benefits of this number.

I’ve spoken to many clients about this in private sessions, and certainly we cover some of the principles of 8 every year in the Born to Thrive numerology course..

8 is extraordinary, and working in harmony with its energy can transform your life. For several years now the Universe was nudging, whispering, nagging, and eventually shouting and encouraging me to give 8 a starring role in a workshop, to help more people gain access to its powerful energy. The Magic of 8 workshop was created, and since 2012 it has been presented in Calgary, Ottawa, and Nanaimo BC.

I’m thrilled to invite you to

The Magic of 8


Sunday October 21   2:30 – 4:30PM


Upward Dog Yoga Centre  251 Dalhousie St. Ottawa ON

We will look at Success, Prosperity, Faith, Trust, and Action, along with several other essential elements that must be present for you to connect with number 8.

We will look at your Life Path and Personal Year, and how they affect your relationship with money and authentic power.

We will explore the “As Above” part of 8 – the spiritual laws and karmic requirements that will keep you in the flow, and the “So Below”, the practical strategies that you can implement right away.

Whether 8 is present in your profile or not you will learn new ways to connect with its energy and move forward toward your goals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to place yourself in the flow of abundance.

Awaken the Heart Retreat – Glastonbury England

Last June I returned form a very long “bucket list” adventure .that began mid-May with a retreat at the Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury England. For six joyful days I lived with fourteen other ladies in a four hundred year old house called “Little St. Michael’s”, and had unlimited access to the garden, which is a designated World Peace Garden. Needless to say this was an unforgettable experience. There simply are no words to describe the sensory feast of flowers, trees, birds, and trickling water; and the sense of peace and connection with our Mother Earth and all that she provides for us. .

There is a beautiful workshop space attached to the house and it was there that we were guided through morning meditations, sharing circles and soul-touching workshops. Excursions took us to Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury Tor, the Water Temple, the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Salisbury Cathedral, and Stonehenge, where we had the rare privilege of spending an hour in quiet meditation inside the circle of rocks as the sun was setting.

Needless to say this was an unforgettable experience, and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity. My friend Stephanie, who runs Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre in Toronto, is from this part of England and has been leading retreats at the Chalice Well Garden  since 2008.I highly recommend this retreat and  I’d also encourage readers in the Toronto area to check out the Transense website. There are always interesting events going on there, as well as a wide variety of healing modalities available.

David arrived after the retreat and we enjoyed several days in London, before embarking on a Baltic Cruise. It was such a privilege to visit sparkling Scandinavian cities, as well as St. Petersburg, Gdansk and Bruges.

Reflecting back on last summer, my bucket list is well and truly filled, yet I’m still thinking of new items. I hope you are also taking time to dream up new adventures for your bucket list.

Your personal forecast for 2018

Calculate your personal year then read your forecast below.

Your personal year begins on your birthday, your solar return. Calculate your personal year by adding the number of your month of birth, to the number of your day of birth, to the year you had your last birthday. See examples:

This person’s birthday is May 8. To get her personal year we have to use 2017: 5+8+2+1+7= 23, 2+3= 5. She is in a 5 personal year (until May 8 2018 when it becomes a 6)

This person’s birthday is February 9. It’s almost here so we’ll add his month and day to 2018: 2+9+2+1+8= 22   He is in a master number year. We do not add the  2+2.

Do NOT add double digit numbers if you have 11 or 22.

If you have any questions about how to calculate your personal year please send an email to

Remember, when your birthday comes along, whether it is early in the year, or later on, that’s when your personal year changes.

Add your day + month + calendar year of your last birthday.

 1 Year:  New directions and new opportunities. Be ambitious, set worthy goals, and finish what you start. March to your own drummer and be proactive when handling situations that arise. Think in terms of “What is my next best step? The 11 energy of 2018 will enhance your creativity and may accelerate your process of change.

2 Year: The 2 typically represents resilient, grounded feminine energy. It is a number of quiet strength. This is the lower octave of 11 so the energy will be intense.  Honour your intuition and your emotions. You need to be near water as often as possible. There is a partnership theme. Work with others but maintain your boundaries. Anything that’s wrong with your current partnership will come to the surface. Tempers may flare.

3 Year: Speak your truth and bring joy to the world through your creative endeavours. This is a newsy year for sure. You’re going to be hearing about a lot of things that have a direct impact on you. The combination of 3 and 11 can work well for you in terms of creative inspiration. Both of these numbers can raise your profile and help you to promote yourself, and any products or services that you have to get out there. In the workplace it could mean a promotion. It can be a tiring year though, so get your rest and be careful not to scatter your energy.

4 Year Unless it started out as number 13, the 4 is typically a time of stability. The 11 energy will help you promote any environmental cause that calls to you. Stay close to Mother Earth and do something wonderful for the environment. If you have any health concerns you may benefit from new technology.

If it’s a 13/4 in an 11 calendar year fasten your seat belt. Just like the 3 there will be a lot of news. There’s a strong theme of communication, change and expansion. If it’s a 40 or 31/4 there’s sure to be lots of work on your plate this year. Keep a clear picture of the results you want to see for your effort. The 11 energy can help you to manifest results.

 5 Year: This is a time of change and surprise. 11 is always about expecting the unexpected, and so is 5. It can be a stressful year; but things will open up for you. Like the 3 it’s a newsy year and you may not like everything you hear this year. Just remember is a crisis develops, that the Chinese characters for the word crisis actually mean Change + Opportunity. There’s a huge theme of communication in both 5 and 11; and it will be an excellent year for writers, speakers, and anyone in sales. It’s also a good time to use your persuasive abilities to get behind a cause that will uplift others.

6 Year: The 6 brings benevolent energy. This is a duty year and when it comes along with an 11 calendar year it can indicate unexpected responsibilities. It’s also a family year – it can mean an unexpected increase in your family, such as a marriage or a pregnancy. Be a nurturer, starting with yourself, then your family and your community. Real estate can be a huge theme in a 6 year, and when it coincides with an 11 calendar year it can mean an unexpected move to another part of your province/state or country.

7 Year: The 11 calendar year and 7 personal year are a powerful combination. Your intuition will be on overdrive this year and you will likely download some powerful messages. Journaling, and meditation are both favoured. The 7 is meant to be a time of rest and renewal, but the 11 may demand more action than a typical 7 year.  Your expertise will be in demand this year, as well as your problem solving skills. Keep an open mind and spend time in deep thought; then quietly impart your wisdom to others.

8 Year: The 11 and the 8 energy can serve you well if you are ambitious and willing to work. The   word spectacular comes to mind here as in spectacular gains. This may be a year of quantum leaps, a time to make major gains in terms of your leadership.  See the big picture. Combine expanded awareness with fairness and right action. Create abundance for yourself and others.

9 Year: Just like the 1 year, the 9 may call you in new directions. The thing with 9 is that you know you can’t really move forward until you have released some of the things that are no longer meant to be in your life. Just like with 2 and 7, your intuition will be on overdrive. Both the 11 and the 9 are intuitive and idealistic. You will be acutely aware of the inequities in the world and this will reach you on an emotional level. Reach out to others with compassion. As Mother Theresa said, do ordinary things with great love.

11 Year: An 11 Personal Year… In an 11 calendar year? Fasten Your Seatbelt!! This is such a powerful year   for you as long as you keep yourself grounded. There will be a lot of nervous energy, and a lot of ideas bouncing around in your head like ping-pong balls. There could be unexpected changes and sudden developments, sudden and unexpected associations or break-ups, choices and decisions that will surprise you as much as they surprise people around you.

Priorities will shift and this is mainly due to your own clearer perspective. 11 has brought you the gift of insight – blinding flashes of the obvious, and a deeper understanding of what may not be so obvious to others. This year you will pierce through pretense and misinformation. This is a “don’t mess with me” year.

22 Year: Work for the benefit of large numbers of people – leave something of lasting value. It’s a time for laying foundations. The 11 energy sometimes clashes with the 22. But you can make them work together for you by allowing ideas and inspiration to come from number 11 and the diligence to bring these into concrete reality from number 22. (Read descriptor for number 4.)

33 Year:  Teach by example, and be an outspoken advocate for justice. (Also see descriptors for 3 and 6)

If you’d like to learn more about your personal year, and find out how you can use your personal month and day to move forward with plans and projects, consider purchasing your copy of Make Today Count – Take Charge of Your TIME and Your Life with Numerology. Available through my website or send an email to

2018 – A Clearer Path for Truth

This year as we open our calendars, our global village will collectively experience the transformative energy of Master Number 11. Before we look closely at its powerful energy, let’s look at the 2, 1, and 8, which are energetic components of our new year.

As many of you know, the 2 – which governs our entire millennium and is the lower octave of 11 – is feminine and intuitive. It seeks compromise, consensus and balance. Throughout this decade it has been sharply opposed by the masculine energy of number 1. (I can hardly wait to write my article for 2020!)

The 1 has been on “overdrive” in 2017. (This will continue in this “double 1” calendar year.) It represents mental energy, independence, individuality, and ambition.

Both the 1 and the 8 are leadership numbers. This was a strong theme in 2017 and it will continue next year. The 8 energy is karmic: What goes around comes around. In its highest expression it calls on forces of justice and integrity to prevail. Its lowest expression is greed, bullying, and power without compassion.

Our dominant number 11 is a number of extremes; and because it is the most difficult of all numbers, it brings the greatest potential for challenge, deconstruction, and growth. There is nothing gentle or subtle about 11. Its purpose is to wake us up and put us on a correction course. It helps us to clarify our values and priorities, and to develop a stronger connection with our subconscious and the collective superconscious.

This is the number of the visionary, the psychic, the inspired and enlightened philosopher, peacemaker, poet, musician, or inventor. It is the number of personal magnetism and charisma. It is also a number of instability. Astro-numerologists associate it with the planet Uranus, which is known to bring sudden, unexpected developments.

So how might this high-powered energy manifest in 2018?

First of all, as the number of illumination, it will clear a path for the truth to make itself known. Much light will be shed on some very dark corners.

The 11 supports fact finding and pierces through incompetence, pretense or misinformation. Individuals in the U.S. will no longer be able to suppress information about collusion with Russia.  In Canada we may finally see some progress with the inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women.

We saw the beginning of the “Me Too” movement in the last few months of 2017. The tipping point has been reached, individuals have been named, and this process will accelerate in 2018 and 2019. That’s good because there is a long way to go. (In the tarot deck the number 11 represents justice.)

I believe that accountability will be a major emerging theme in 2018. This will apply to corporate leaders as well as politicians and others in a position of authority. We may see unexpected upheaval in leadership this year.

On a brighter note, the 11 carries elements of communication and collaboration that could support high level diplomacy.

It also supports technological advancement. We could see innovative and highly effective applications of technology, especially in the area of mental health.

There may be major advances in the development of alternative energy sources. I think the number of electric and hybrid cars in use will grow significantly.

Other industries and initiatives favoured in 2018 include:

  • Film, Broadcasting and Journalism
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics
  • Lighting and Photography
  • Energy Healing
  • Psychic/Intuitive Counseling

How can you ride the crest of this wave?

Pay special attention to your environment. Be mindful of what enhances or depletes your energy, who you spend your time with, and what you take into your consciousness.

Make good use of the heightened power of manifestation that comes with number 11. Affirm that this year, 2018, will bring you even greater opportunities to manifest whatever it is that occupies your mind and heart.

Seek ways to serve others in a spirit of love and compassion. Send positive thoughts and heartfelt prayers and affirmations to any and all troubling situations in your personal life and in the life of our global village. Visualize desired outcomes and believe yourself worthy to receive and achieve all that you desire in 2018.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

What Is Your Lucky Number

Do you have a favourite number, or one you consider to be a lucky number?

Numerologists are often asked what numbers are lucky, and most of the time it is relevant to personal finances although it can also relate to one’s health or love life.

The answer is that there is no one number  that is lucky for everyone, although quite often people are drawn to a certain number and associate that number with positive outcomes or fortunate events in their lives. In that case, with positive, proactive use of the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction, that number may well be their lucky number. Often when I meet clients for the first time and tell them the number of their life path or soul urge, they will share with me that they’ve always liked that number.

Each of the numbers represents different areas of life. For that reason each of the numbers can bring positive energy, depending on your purpose and intent.

Even numbers bring predictability and stability into our lives:

The number 2 will heighten your intuition and assist you in finding a partner.

Call in the energy of number 4 if you are looking for work, building a new home, addressing long term security, or laying foundations of any type.

The number 6 will provide support to anyone who is seeking greater harmony in their relationships, or looking for a romantic soul mate.

If you are working on financial increase, the number 8 can bring positive outcomes. The thing to remember about 8 is that it is a very karmic number. (Just look at the shape of an 8… what goes around comes around!)  In order to fully reap the benefits of 8 the individual must maintain a high degree of integrity.

Odd numbers represent creative and expansive energy:

The number 1 brings clarity and heightened ambition, so it adds momentum to new undertakings.

The number 3 is especially associated with creativity, fertility and expansion. I encourage my clients to think of fertility as the ability to bring something wonderful into the world, rather than the likelihood of getting pregnant, (although that can certainly happen with the influence of the numbers 3, 5, or 6.)

As the number of change, the 5 is a dynamic number, and can sometimes be considered unlucky. It lends support to communications, and to travel and adventure.

 The number 7 has been called the perfect number since, according to Pythagoras, it combines the square and the triangle, the feminine and the masculine energies. It supports studies and research. The expansion that takes place with number 7 is that of inner knowledge and depth of understanding.

The sensitive number 9 is favourable for anyone who is involved in the arts or healing.

I would be very interested in hearing from readers about their experiences with “lucky numbers”. Please send your thoughts and comments to me at

How Numbers Help You Understand Your Child

Most of the articles I write pertain to you and the various areas of your life journey as an adult. Coming home from a volunteering session in our little granddaughter’s grade two class, I felt guided to show readers with children in their life how numbers can effect their social and academic success at school. (You will see the use of either pronoun, “him” or “her” below, in order to avoid writing “him/her”.)

First of all work out your child’s personal year. Add their month of birth, (7 for July, 3 for March etc.) to their day of birth, and then add 8 (2+0+1+5). On your child’s next birthday change the last number in the equation to 9.

Every number brings us both gifts and potential pitfalls. I have tried to explain both below:

1 This is the beginning of an entirely new cycle, and a milestone in your child’s life. The 1 represents mental energy. It may be easier for him to focus on school work although he may be impatient to get it done. In the classroom or on the playground he may feel excited and buoyant, or perhaps lonely, isolated, or misunderstood. You may find that he is highly competitive, and literally wants to be “Number One.” This is a great time to talk to him about the idea of “personal best” and encourage competition with himself. Encourage him to consider exciting new possibilities and use the phrase “What if…”

2 (or 11) This year your child can develop skills in collaboration, and is likely to enjoy helping the teacher. Having a “best friend” will be important to her. This is sensitive and emotional energy and if she is inclined to compare herself with others – as in “I’m not any good at reading, drawing, running etc. All the other kids are better than me” – help her to see that she is being too hard on herself and that she has some really great strengths too. Try not to overwhelm her with too many details or demands given at the same time, and be sure she gets to bed on time.

3 The emotional 3 energy represents the joyful, exuberant, curious, and yet vulnerable and at times insecure child. This can be a successful year, especially as far as his social life goes; and in school his creativity may shine in writing, art, or music. On the downside, he may be easily distracted and find it hard to pay attention to the teacher and the task. Popularity is very important to him and he may also be vulnerable to peer pressure.

4 This is an excellent year to encourage good work habits, routines, and organizational skills. Your child may feel more secure with her group of friends, and more serious about school work. It also tends to be a year for physical growth and strength. The energy is physical and it can be grounding and reassuring, especially if there has been some sort of upheaval in her life. She may be exploring her personal boundaries, (Is that a “keep out” sign on your door? J ), and if parents or authority figures push too hard they might see some rebellion.

5 This is the number of change such as a move, a new sibling, or a parental breakup. Your child will be meeting a lot of new people this year and before the year is over will likely have new interests and a new group of friends. Middle ground is rare in a 5 year. Depending on the subject, he will either feel bored and have trouble concentrating, or get very excited about learning something new. Encourage verbal and written expression of his thoughts and feelings. If ever a parent needs to listen it’s this year.

6 This can be a stable and grounded year for your child in terms of family life, social life, and school. You’ll notice increasing maturity and probably a desire to please at home and at school. She is open to taking on some age appropriate activities, and likes the idea of growing up. With a heightened social conscience, she is developing some convictions about what’s right and fair. There is a strong element of perfectionism. For many children this can mean applying lots of effort and doing an excellent job, although some may avoid assignments because of a fear of failure.

7 As with the 4, this is a great year to encourage good study habits, and as with the 6, it’s a time of maturity. For some children one particular subject sparks interest and growing curiosity. They may want to do a lot of reading or research in this area, and become your family’s resident “expert”. It can be a successful year at school but a potentially awkward year in their social life. The lesson with 7 is to learn to be alone without being lonely; but it will be important for parents to make sure the child is not too withdrawn or secretive.

8 (or 22) This is a time of emergence. With the right support from home and school your child can gain confidence and make significant progress. It’s always good to talk to him about the future, help him to see the big picture and believe in his worthiness to set goals and “go for it”. The 8 energy reinforces this kind of possibility thinking. Children who are athletic will do well in competitions, and those who have innate leadership abilities will receive opportunities to develop their skills.

9 (or 33) You may be surprised with your child’s grasp of complex ideas. She may be curious about the world beyond her community, and open and inquisitive at school. This is an idealistic number. She is probably developing strong convictions about the environment, animal rights, or poverty. She will definitely experience a full range of emotions, and for some that can impact their schooling as they get caught up in “drama” with their friends. It’s the end of the cycle and with a growing sense of change on the horizon, she may feel apprehensive.

If you would like to know more about your child’s numbers as they apply to family dynamics, social life and school performance, I would love to talk to you. Please feel free to call 403-667-8932 or e-mail

Service, Leadership, and Popularity – Numbers for George and Charlotte

What a lovely surprise on Saturday morning, to learn that the long awaited Princess of Cambridge had arrived.

There is a wealth of knowledge encoded in everyone’s name and birth date. Within families we often see numbers fitting together well. The main numerology aspects of Princess Charlotte and Prince George seem to work very well together.

Prince George’s 8 life path definitely supports his role as heir to the throne. It indicates that he will grow into an engaging individual, with vision, a strong sense of responsibility, and leadership abilities. Interestingly, he also has an 8 karmic lesson which indicates that leadership is an important part of his soul growth.

Children born in the seventh month tend to be deep thinkers right from the beginning, and are not usually careless or impulsive. As they grow up they learn to value order and discipline, and respect tradition.

His 22 day of birth indicates that he will work well within the structure and protocol of the Royal Family. The 22 is a foundational number. Like his father, grandmother, and other family members, he will feel drawn to directing his efforts toward worthwhile initiatives that can bring lasting benefit to large numbers of people. The 22 also indicates that he will travel overseas a great deal and have a high international profile.

The number 3 energy in the name George brings a degree of charm and popularity – for the most part he will enjoy being a center of attention – while his entire name carries a 1 destiny that further supports decisive leadership.

With her number 5 youth cycle, (determined by her birth month,) Charlotte is likely to have progressive and innovative ideas, and the potential to be original and independent. I think she may find it easier to adapt to change than George, whose 7 month of birth and 22(4) day of birth suggests a preference for tradition, order, and discipline.


Both Charlotte (2 day of birth) and George (22 day of birth) will be charming and poised, with innate skills of diplomacy. With her 6 life path, Charlotte will be more curious about people and likely more comfortable with connecting, and building relationships. George, a thinker and a planner, will be more curious about ideas and possibilities. With his 8 life path, he will want to take charge, to see how much can be accomplished, and who can benefit from his effort.

Your first name is called your “key” because it opens doors in personal and professional settings. Just like your day of birth, the qualities of your first name are obvious to those around you. They have a lot to do with what you expect of yourself and what others see in you and come to expect of you.

Both Charlotte and George have first names that add up to 3. This is the number of charm and popularity. When we look at her other names, we see depth of character, from Elizabeth (7) strong feminine energy, quiet strength and magnetism from Diana, (2). This of course is intensified by her 2 day of birth. When we combine all three names we have a 3 destiny. What that means is that the number of her entire name matches the number of her first name on its own. Again we have the energy of creativity and self-expression.

When we look at George’s full name, (Alexander – more 3, and Louis – 22) we see that both the prince and princess have one middle name that matches their day of birth. Prince George has a 3 “key”, but his total name combines to give him a 1 destiny, the energy of leadership and a keen mind.

The numbers, especially the 2, as well as her 6 life path, seem to suggest that Charlotte will be more sensitive and emotional than George. She may take an interest in music, acting, and live theatre. The 2 and 3 both favour music while the 6 favours performing arts in general.

With her 6 life path Charlotte will feel most fulfilled when she can be of service to others. I was asked to compare her to Queen Elizabeth, and certainly there is some 3 energy in Elizabeth’s profile, (April 21).I sense more similarity with her grandmother, since the name Diana is a 2. I also think that she could be like her great aunt, Princess Ann, who seeks little attention yet quietly serves and supports many worthwhile causes. (It has been said that of all the royals she is the least recognized for her contribution.)Princess Charlotte will likely receive more attention, and will handle it graciously, but the strong 2 energy as well as the 6 life path suggests that she will be quite content whenever she can remain in the background.

Princess Charlotte’s 6 life path indicates that she will have a strong sense of loyalty to her family and her country. She will respect traditions but won’t likely feel as bound to them as her brother will.

Goal Setting and Attainment in Your Personal Year

As many readers know, we all have a unique number profile with permanent vibrations that are with us all our lives, and play an important role in shaping our destiny. We also have temporary vibrations.  Every year throughout our entire journey we cycle through the numbers 1 to 9. Sometimes our personal year will be a master number, for example we may have an 11 year instead of a 2, or a 22 year instead of a 4, but we will continue to move through that nine year cycle. Your personal year, which begins on your birthday, will shape your focus and your experiences for a full year, and its impact will be felt in your career life, relationships, and finances, and in your health and vitality.

This month I’m going to show you how your personal year is likely to affect the way you set goals, take action, and achieve results.

Calculate your personal year by adding the number of your month and day to the number 6 if your last birthday was in 2013 and the number 7 if you have already had your birthday for this year.

You will likely have a two digit number. If that is the number 11, 22, or 33, you are finished adding. If not, you need to add those two digits together until you get a single number. Again, your personal year begins on your birthday and continues until your next birthday.

These are the ways that your personal year will affect goal attainment:.

1 Heightened mental and physical activity as you seek to reinvent yourself and take new directions. Put careful planning into your goal setting. Avoid being impulsive, and make sure that you can carry through to the finish line. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

2 A good year to hold your ground, and consolidate gains and progress made in your 1 year.  Flesh out the details, follow intuitive guidance, and remain receptive to assistance from a few individuals who have earned your trust. Team up with an accountability partner.

3 Things that you hear from external sources will seem to require response and action on your part. Distractions abound. Too many goals are essentially no goals. Stay connected with your goals by narrowing them down, and stay focused by writing them out regularly.

4 Setting a goal is like making a promise to yourself. This is your anti-procrastination year! It’s all systems go as you apply patience, self-discipline, and concentrated effort to turn your goals into incremental action steps, and your action into positive results. (Many people in a 4 year have health related goals.)

5 You may break free from something that is holding you back. You meet many new people and have opportunities to bring others on board. Self-discipline is not easy. Stay on target with your goals by setting up strategies and a system of rewards for incremental steps.

6 Team work is required. Be thorough in your planning and action steps. You must keep promises and finish everything you begin. Some personal goals may be placed on a back burner in order to bring about the highest good for everyone.

7 Goals in the area of personal spiritual growth may proceed well, but in most other areas progress seems slow and obstacles may arise. Don’t force anything along. Delays serve you. Use this time to set up and review systems, and to plan and strategize for the coming year.

8 All systems go! Due diligence is required, and the finish line is in sight. Career, financial and athletic goals move along quickly. Support and necessary resources are available. Positive thinking reaps rewards, Become a master of the “inner game”.

9  Allow ideas and goals to “germinate” for most of your year. Initiate action no sooner than at least four months before your next birthday if not closer. Pay attention to your emotions and go with plans and goals that truly make you happy. Some of your plans may be interrupted by a need to assist others.

11 This year brings truth and clarity. You become more passionate about your hopes and dreams and more firm in your convictions. This can be a good time to articulate your needs and gain support.

22  Refine your vision, and turn it to reality. Most of what you undertake will be successful, particularly when it brings benefit to others. Here you have the emotional/partnership theme of 2, along with the concentration and self discipline of 4, and the added drive of 22.

33 A year of communication and expression, combined with added responsibilities. You find ways to connect with others who have similar goals, and may need to put some of your plans on hold in order to serve the greatest good.

Regardless of which numbers are dominant in your personal numerology profile, you can open your mind and heart to the blessings, of each of the numbers and learn to use their energy in positive, life-enhancing ways.

(If you would like to see how your personal year number affects weight loss goals, please send an e-mail to with the subject heading weight loss goals.)

Can Numbers Tell Me About My Future?

“Travel? Romance? Financial Success? Can numbers tell me about my future? “

I have certainly heard that question many times, and I always like to answer by drawing a distinction between “fortune telling” and forecasting. In my opinion, fortune telling can take advantage of vulnerable people. It disempowers them by telling them that this or that will “happen to” them. No one should believe that random events and incidents “happen to them”. I’m happy to say that the readers I know encourage their clients to view divination practices such as tarot, astrology, numerology and other types of readings as a form of forecasting.

Numerology is an ancient science with many applications, one of them being forecasting. Forecasting will validate and affirm our hopes and embryonic plans and dreams. Using numbers as a forecasting tool shows you where to focus your time and energy and how you can make the best use of your current numbers.

Forecasting helps us with our process of awakening as we become aware of possibilities and potential, and begin to realize the magnificent contribution that we can make by living up to that potential. Numbers indicate doors that will open for you at certain stages in your life, but it is always up to you whether you choose to go through those doors or not.

I have met hundreds of clients and students in my years as a numerologist. The vast majority of these men and women have been on track with their sacred contracts, and learning about the numbers of past, present, and future temporary vibrations has given them validation, clarity, confidence, and encouragement. They have been better able to see setbacks and abrupt changes within the context of their soul’s growth.

Read on and learn about one remarkable lady in Japan who had overcome tragedy and was choosing to go through doors that were opening up for her:

During one of my teaching trips to Tokyo, I met a beautiful, serene, and radiant lady who, along with her husband and three year old son, had survived the earthquake in Kobe in 1995. She had lost her home, her parents and extended family, and her business, and a short time later her marriage had ended.

When we looked at her major cycles, (subtle and pervasive themes and influences), we could see a theme of strength and vision in her past, one of healing and spiritual development in her current cycle, and one of service in her future.

When we looked at her previous pinnacles, (external encounters, requirements, and opportunities), we could see that the heartbreaking loss and sacrifice that she experienced before she turned thirty-seven played a key role in enabling her to move forward with her career and personal life.

I’m happy to write that now, in her late forties, as the founder and president of a well-known company with several branch offices in Japan, she is a highly successful and prosperous business woman. Her current number 6 pinnacle is bringing benevolent energy and supportive influences to both her personal and professional life.

She shared with me that she greatly admired Audrey Hepburn and that for a very long time she has hoped that she too would be able to go to Africa and work with the children there.  Most often when we have an enduring desire it is because that is what the universe wants for us. It is a calling to fulfill our sacred contract. By looking ahead at upcoming temporary vibrations, I was able to provide further insight into her future and show her how her numbers fully support her aspirations. By looking at the numbers of her current and upcoming personal year, I was able to help her gain a sense of appropriate timing for taking action toward her goals.

Thankfully, unlike my beautiful client from Kobe, most of us will never experience a devastating earthquake; however, we all experience life altering events and sometimes agonizing decisions. Knowing the numbers of our cycles, pinnacles, and personal years validates our experiences and choices, and shows us how to ride the crest of the wave of energy that is moving us along. Don’t wonder what is causing the pain when you can so easily understand that the numbers offer solutions.

“When nothing makes sense, your numbers will bring you Peace of Mind.”

Healing With Numbers

Numbers offer guidance in all areas of your life, including your health. Just as your personal year number will guide you in arriving at a focus and directing your energy for the best possible results, it will also guide you in maintaining your health.

Your personal year begins on your birthday, your solar return. Calculate your personal year by adding the number of your month of birth, to the number of your day of birth. If your last birthday was in 2013, add 6 to that first total. If you’ve already had your 2014 birthday, you will add 7 to your first calculation.


Dec. 14, 2013:  12+14=26  26+6=32  3+2= 5  This person is in a 5 personal year.

Jan. 3, 2014:  1+3=4  4=7=11 This person is in an 11 personal year

The following descriptors will show you the best strategies for wellness according to the number of your personal year:

1 Turn down the volume on that mind chatter. Be careful not to take on too much. Avoid multi-tasking and be willing to ask for help when you need it. Check into complimentary therapies, and/or bring in some new members onto your personal health care team.

2 Pace yourself. This year favours deep healing at a subconscious level. Classical music is particularly beneficial, as is any kind of sound therapy. Consider hypnosis, and spend time near water.

3 Pay attention and stay mindful of safety. Do not deplete your energy by sending too much of it out in too many directions. Your health is enhanced by laughter and creativity. Playing with children will nurture your own inner child.

4 Structure and routine in any area of your life have a positive healing effect. Take care not to work too hard, and build in time for rest and renewal. Follow through with doctors’ appointments, lab tests etc. Focus on fitness and nutrition. Connect with Mother Earth.

5 External pressures and unexpected events may cause increased stress. Avoid over-indulgence. Physical activity, light, colour, and sound therapies are helpful. You need a change; travel, of long or short duration helps you gain perspective.

6 There may be added responsibilities and/or concerns about loved ones. You may have a tendency to feel depressed or “stuff” your emotions. Bring balance, harmony, and positive energy into your life through tai chi, yoga, music, and the arts. Make your personal environment a nurturing space.

7 You are on a plateau. You need your rest, and quality time to yourself. Avoid being too sedentary as this could cause weight gain and negativity. Choose positive, uplifting movies and books. Hypnosis, journaling, meditation, and swimming will bring clarity.

8 You have ambitious goals, many projects on the go, and possibly some contentious or stressful issues to deal with at work and at home. Listen to your body and pay attention to your physical needs. This can be a good time to lift weights, get to the gym, or join a competitive sports team.

9 You are sending a lot of energy out in several directions and certain events may bring a sense of loss. Schedule time to replenish, connect with healers and light workers, and go on a retreat. Take every advantage of opportunities to rest and heal on all levels.. You will heal yourself as you offer love and compassion to others.

11 Slow down! Don’t get caught up in nervous energy and mind chatter. Be aware of potentially harmful effects of electronic media, as well as certain individuals and places. Connect with light workers and energy healers. You benefit greatly from acupuncture, pranic healing, Reiki, or hypnosis.

22 You are working very hard and may feel inundated with details. Prioritize and manage your time carefully.  Drink water, rest, eat natural foods, and avoid mood swings. This is a watery, emotional vibration. Spend time near water or travel overseas.

33 Sing your song and speak your truth. Listen to trusted health care professionals. You may need to let go of a person, valued possession, or situation that has outlived its purpose and is no longer bringing your highest good. Release with love and compassion, and take comfort in the arts and creative expression.

Wellness is a connection of paths, knowledge, and action.” ~ Joshua Welch