Code of Ethics

Got Your Number Code of Ethics

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  • Numerology works for the highest purpose and with the highest integrity of all involved.
  • We seek to empower individuals through the gifts and guidance of numbers.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality regarding all client information.
  • We maintain a professional and non-judgemental attitude toward all clients, with deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual’s journey.
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  • We provide objective and comprehensive information, and when appropriate we present possible courses of action.
  • We support our clients in making their own choices based on this information, and work without attachment to any outcome the client may choose.
  • We recognize the need for practitioners to engage in ongoing studies in the field of numerology, in order to be both knowledgeable and effective.
  • We give due credit to any and all print sources or websites that we have quoted.
  • We respect and honour all numerologists, psychic practitioners and healers.


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  • The purpose of the numerology session/ written report is to provide the client with an interpretation of his or her name, and birth date, business name and incorporation date, or wedding date, as indicated by the ancient science of numerology.
  • Any suggestions are given in an impartial manner, and without attachment to the final outcome or choices made by the client.
  • The client is fully responsible for the outcomes of any decisions made or actions taken following his/her numerology consultation or the reading of his/her document.
  • The numerology consultation is not intended to take the place of legal, medical, business, or financial advice, or psychological counselling.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to seek advice from qualified professionals in these and all other areas that impact on the client’s business affairs and/or quality of life.