2019 It’s Time to Lighten Up!

Go to our website and get mustang money free slots. Hurry up to go and start winning. This year, as we open our new calendars we are beginning the final chapter of an intense and often disturbing decade; a decade when there has been rising tension between male and female energies; a time when we’ve seen so clearly and felt so deeply the contrast between diplomacy and confrontation, and between democracy and autocratic leadership.

Buy a new best hunting flashlight. Limited offer! Those of us who embrace the cause of women’s rights, and fundamental human rights, may have felt concerned by the accelerated backlash as some groups and individuals cling to the paradigms of the last century. At times if felt like the “bad guys” were winning, particularly in 2018 when events unfolding on the world stage often seemed to defy conventional wisdom, common sense and common decency.

I’m happy to tell you that 2019 brings to us the youthful and rejuvenating energy of number 3. This is a lighter, more optimistic energy than what we’ve experienced for the past several years. It is the number of the inner child, imaginative, creative, open, expressive, and hopeful   It is a sociable and gregarious number. It can also be romantic, sexy and flirtatious. The 3 is associated with the Empress in the Tarot deck, feminine, fertile, expansive, and productive, (when discipline is applied). You'll find the best freispiele ohne einzahlung aktuell here, you have time to get it!

Very often a 3 calendar year turns our attention to the younger generation. We may see strong support for initiatives to mitigate child poverty, and to improve medical care for infants and pregnant mothers. We may see medical advances in fertility and in dealing with communicable diseases. We could see better support for education in general, and particularly for early childhood education.

There has been some major progress in recent years with de-stigmatizing mental illness. That trend will likely continue in 2019, along with advances in psychology, counseling, and inner child work.

People will be motivated by a strong desire to connect with others. They will want to look their best, so companies that deal with beauty, fashion, and aesthetics are in a favourable position for positive growth. Of course, as single people connect there is always potential for romance, which can in turn bring weddings. Wedding planners and event planners in general should do well this year. Keeping in mind that 3 is a fertile number, it could also be interesting to see if there is an increase in the birth rate.

Appearance will be important, and that includes the appearance of our homes as we open our doors to family and friends. We may be inclined to spend money on furniture, art, and accessories for our personal environment.

Most of all, the energy of 3 brings a need to communicate, to share ideas, information, and wisdom, to be actively engaged in the process of both teaching and learning. This could support positive growth in journalism and the publishing industry, particularly in the area of adult non-fiction. Expect people to be curious this year, and to seek out a variety of learning opportunities, most likely in the way of taking workshops and classes. (If we were going into a 7 calendar year, it would indicate more self-guided study, but this year most people will see the benefits of connecting with each other in a class.)

I always tell people who have strong 3 energy that they must sing their song and speak their truth. This year the creative, expressive number 3 will bring greater support for the music industry, live theatre and other facets of the visual or performing arts.

Yes, that’s a lot of different directions for our time, energy and financial resources. Every number brings both possibilities and potential pitfalls. One of the pitfalls of 3 is scattered energy and lack of attention or focus. Be mindful of the present moment, and what is going on around you.

On a personal level, we must make sure that we are honest with ourselves, in terms of how much money we can really afford to pay for goods and services, and how much energy we can direct into certain endeavours. We will need to be discerning as to whether our energy and effort are being used wisely, being appreciated, reciprocated, and paid forward. We must be careful not to indulge in criticism, gossip, or embellishment of the truth. We must keep both feet on the ground and see through other people’s embellishments. We must also avoid making promises that we have no intention to keep.

On an international level there may be instances of bravado and idle rhetoric, or strong clashes of will, just as one finds with a couple of two year olds who both think a certain toy belongs to them. Our world leaders will need to deal with facts and be extra diligent in matters of safety and security. To be honest, I think the intensity and instability of international relations will continue until late June. The numbers seem to indicate that things could start to improve in that area by July.

For each number we experience, there are proactive choices that can help us gain the most benefit. One of the easiest ways to benefit from the energy of 2019 would be to smile, smile often, and smile at strangers. Get your hands on some good comedy movies and laugh. Better yet, get together with friends and laugh.

Find ways to express yourself in singing, writing or some other artistic medium.

Take a class, learn a language, or visit a new and interesting place.

Nurture the children (or small animals) in your life, knowing that, as you do so, you are also nurturing your own inner child.

The following quote is attributed to the spiritual entity Abraham, as channelled by Esther Hicks: “If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know that life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anyone else knows.”

Wishing all of you many opportunities to enjoy life in 2019.