Your personal forecast for 2018

Calculate your personal year then read your forecast below.

Go to our website and get mustang money free slots. Hurry up to go and start winning. Your personal year begins on your birthday, your solar return. Calculate your personal year by adding the number of your month of birth, to the number of your day of birth, to the year you had your last birthday. See examples:

Buy a new best hunting flashlight. Limited offer! This person’s birthday is May 8. To get her personal year we have to use 2017: 5+8+2+1+7= 23, 2+3= 5. She is in a 5 personal year (until May 8 2018 when it becomes a 6)

This person’s birthday is February 9. It’s almost here so we’ll add his month and day to 2018: 2+9+2+1+8= 22   He is in a master number year. We do not add the  2+2. You'll find the best freespins casino ohne einzahlung here, you have time to get it!

Do NOT add double digit numbers if you have 11 or 22.

If you have any questions about how to calculate your personal year please send an email to [email protected]

Remember, when your birthday comes along, whether it is early in the year, or later on, that’s when your personal year changes.

Add your day + month + calendar year of your last birthday.

 1 Year:  New directions and new opportunities. Be ambitious, set worthy goals, and finish what you start. March to your own drummer and be proactive when handling situations that arise. Think in terms of “What is my next best step? The 11 energy of 2018 will enhance your creativity and may accelerate your process of change.

2 Year: The 2 typically represents resilient, grounded feminine energy. It is a number of quiet strength. This is the lower octave of 11 so the energy will be intense.  Honour your intuition and your emotions. You need to be near water as often as possible. There is a partnership theme. Work with others but maintain your boundaries. Anything that’s wrong with your current partnership will come to the surface. Tempers may flare.

3 Year: Speak your truth and bring joy to the world through your creative endeavours. This is a newsy year for sure. You’re going to be hearing about a lot of things that have a direct impact on you. The combination of 3 and 11 can work well for you in terms of creative inspiration. Both of these numbers can raise your profile and help you to promote yourself, and any products or services that you have to get out there. In the workplace it could mean a promotion. It can be a tiring year though, so get your rest and be careful not to scatter your energy.

4 Year Unless it started out as number 13, the 4 is typically a time of stability. The 11 energy will help you promote any environmental cause that calls to you. Stay close to Mother Earth and do something wonderful for the environment. If you have any health concerns you may benefit from new technology.

If it’s a 13/4 in an 11 calendar year fasten your seat belt. Just like the 3 there will be a lot of news. There’s a strong theme of communication, change and expansion. If it’s a 40 or 31/4 there’s sure to be lots of work on your plate this year. Keep a clear picture of the results you want to see for your effort. The 11 energy can help you to manifest results.

 5 Year: This is a time of change and surprise. 11 is always about expecting the unexpected, and so is 5. It can be a stressful year; but things will open up for you. Like the 3 it’s a newsy year and you may not like everything you hear this year. Just remember is a crisis develops, that the Chinese characters for the word crisis actually mean Change + Opportunity. There’s a huge theme of communication in both 5 and 11; and it will be an excellent year for writers, speakers, and anyone in sales. It’s also a good time to use your persuasive abilities to get behind a cause that will uplift others.

6 Year: The 6 brings benevolent energy. This is a duty year and when it comes along with an 11 calendar year it can indicate unexpected responsibilities. It’s also a family year – it can mean an unexpected increase in your family, such as a marriage or a pregnancy. Be a nurturer, starting with yourself, then your family and your community. Real estate can be a huge theme in a 6 year, and when it coincides with an 11 calendar year it can mean an unexpected move to another part of your province/state or country.

7 Year: The 11 calendar year and 7 personal year are a powerful combination. Your intuition will be on overdrive this year and you will likely download some powerful messages. Journaling, and meditation are both favoured. The 7 is meant to be a time of rest and renewal, but the 11 may demand more action than a typical 7 year.  Your expertise will be in demand this year, as well as your problem solving skills. Keep an open mind and spend time in deep thought; then quietly impart your wisdom to others.

8 Year: The 11 and the 8 energy can serve you well if you are ambitious and willing to work. The   word spectacular comes to mind here as in spectacular gains. This may be a year of quantum leaps, a time to make major gains in terms of your leadership.  See the big picture. Combine expanded awareness with fairness and right action. Create abundance for yourself and others.

9 Year: Just like the 1 year, the 9 may call you in new directions. The thing with 9 is that you know you can’t really move forward until you have released some of the things that are no longer meant to be in your life. Just like with 2 and 7, your intuition will be on overdrive. Both the 11 and the 9 are intuitive and idealistic. You will be acutely aware of the inequities in the world and this will reach you on an emotional level. Reach out to others with compassion. As Mother Theresa said, do ordinary things with great love.

11 Year: An 11 Personal Year… In an 11 calendar year? Fasten Your Seatbelt!! This is such a powerful year   for you as long as you keep yourself grounded. There will be a lot of nervous energy, and a lot of ideas bouncing around in your head like ping-pong balls. There could be unexpected changes and sudden developments, sudden and unexpected associations or break-ups, choices and decisions that will surprise you as much as they surprise people around you.

Priorities will shift and this is mainly due to your own clearer perspective. 11 has brought you the gift of insight – blinding flashes of the obvious, and a deeper understanding of what may not be so obvious to others. This year you will pierce through pretense and misinformation. This is a “don’t mess with me” year.

22 Year: Work for the benefit of large numbers of people – leave something of lasting value. It’s a time for laying foundations. The 11 energy sometimes clashes with the 22. But you can make them work together for you by allowing ideas and inspiration to come from number 11 and the diligence to bring these into concrete reality from number 22. (Read descriptor for number 4.)

33 Year:  Teach by example, and be an outspoken advocate for justice. (Also see descriptors for 3 and 6)

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