Chris Hadfield – Meet the Renaissance Man

Go to our website and get mustang money free slots. Hurry up to go and start winning. It was hard to resist the charm and good humour that was “beaming down” to us from the International Space Station from December 9 to May 13. Commander Chris Hadfield became a sensational public figure and a look at his numbers reveals a lot about the heart and soul of a Renaissance Man.

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The name Christopher Austin Hadfield adds up to the Master number 11 and is strengthened by his 29 day of birth. People with strong 11 energy are idealistic and ambitious. They set high standards for themselves and others, and they believe in their dreams. Often they have an electrifying presence, and may achieve fame or at least a high profile within their sphere of influence. They can use their magnetic personality to promote a cause and bring others on board. You'll find the best freispiel ohne einzahlung here, you have time to get it!

Chris Hadfield’s sphere of influence happened to be the entire world, and he certainly brought us “on board”. Thanks to his use of social media and his artistic photographs we all had the opportunity to participate in his incredible voyage. He generated a powerful level of interest and positive support for the space program.

The 11 energy enhances curiosity and brings a level of competence with electronics and photography. It also represents originality and inspired thinking, often expressed through art, poetry, and musical composition.

His Soul Urge is a 3, and this is matched and enhanced by the name Chris. The number 3 favours teaching, conversational skills, and playful expression of artistic talents. Many of us will remember the image of the singing astronaut releasing his guitar to float through the capsule.

Most of us go through life with at least one karmic lesson, and sometimes two or more. Chris Hadfield is one of those relatively few people who have no karmic lessons in his profile. This indicates the potential to be successful in many different areas: art, music, science, philosophy, athletic endeavours, business, leadership, and teaching and many other realms of interest. That is a typical trait of people whom we call Renaissance men and women. Having no karmic lessons also means that he was meant to lead others to a higher level of awareness.

When an individual’s Destiny compliments his Life Path (determined by the date of birth), the potential exists for significant accomplishment in chosen areas of endeavour. The date August 29, 1959 adds up to a 7 Life Path, a number which works very well with his 11 Destiny. The 7 Life Path brings an inclination toward research and investigation, science, spirituality, and philosophy. People with a 7 Life Path have a talent for turning knowledge into wisdom; however, it is not common for them to share their wisdom in such a spectacular fashion. His 11 Destiny and 3 Soul Urge helped him to bring his gifts out for the benefit of the entire world.

Thank you Commander Chris Hadfield for sharing your gifts so generously!

by Vikki MacKinnon

Vikki MacKinnon is an author, international speaker, Master Numerologist, and Life Path Mentor, based in Calgary, Canada.

“Honour who you are. The world needs your magic!” ~ Giovanni Gaudelli

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