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I am speechless at the moment and would like to digest the very informative and profound reading you have provided for me. WOW!!!! Truly Awed!

Alice Hill – Calgary

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 …this reading is absolutely amazing. You have me down to the smallest detail.

Helene Oseen – Calgary

A private numerology session will reveal a great deal of information that you will find reassuring, validating, and insightful. Before you arrive for your numerology reading (or before our phone appointment) I use this information to tune in and connect with your soul. In this way I am able to discern:

  • the strengths and talents that you have brought forward from previous lives
  • the pitfalls that you must be aware of
  • the nature of the lessons and blessings that you have experienced in this lifetime
  • the nature of lessons and blessings that await you in the near future
  • the direction your journey is likely to take over the next several years

I could use a pep talk from you anytime. It was exciting to hear that so many of the things I have been thinking about are actually in my numbers.

Linda Adamowski – Carstairs, AB

You will learn about the significance of the four “core” numbers in your profile as well as the support or resistance you are receiving from other (non-core) numbers in your profile. (The core numbers are as follows: life path, destiny, soul urge, and persona.) You also receive information about how other modifying numbers affect your life. I will ask you questions so that we can see how your current hopes and dreams are supported by your numbers, and also what proactive choices you can make to arrive at a positive resolution of issues or frustrations you are experiencing now. (Your numbers will show you what is keeping you stuck and what you can do about it.)

You will learn about your current personal year and receive a forecast for the months to come. The pro-active choices that are indicated can help you benefit from the dominant energy of your personal year.

The session is recorded an MP3 file is sent to you by e-mail. In addition, you receive a word document called your core number profile, which is approximately seven pages long and provides a detailed description of the six most enduring and impactful aspects of your profile.

I’ve found your numerology information and how you present and communicate it refreshing, valuable and clear.

Carla P. – Calgary

In person sessions are done in my home office in Calgary. Directions will be sent as soon as we have established the time and date. Phone sessions are also available for anyone in North America, and Skype readings are available for clients who live overseas. Readings in person may be paid for with cash, Visa, or Master Card. (I do not take debit cards.) They can also be paid for ahead of time using Pay Pal) Telephone readings can also be paid for with Visa or Master Card, or ahead of time with Pay Pal. (Please be prepared to give your credit card number over the phone, in advance of the reading.)

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to our time together.