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Simple Numerology for Everyday

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Buy a new best hunting flashlight. Limited offer! Every day your life is guided by the temporary vibrations of numbers such as your personal day, your personal month and your personal year.

Please Take A Number is your guide to interpreting those temporary vibrations.

Simple, readable and enlightening, this is the book that will help shed light on the way your numbers are affecting your immediate circumstances and every aspect of your day to day life.

Using quick, easy calculations, you’ll:

  • Learn to use your personal year calculation to understand the influences and energies you will experience over the next twelve months. By working in harmony with those energies it will be possible for you to ease your progress in whichever direction is best for you right now.
  • See how your personal month supports and complements your personal year, and gives you the chance to recognize and maximize short-term opportunities.
  • Learn to plan personal and professional activities for the most favourable times. It’s even possible to smooth your interactions with family members, friends and co-workers by understanding the energetic influences affecting their moods and behaviours.

Buy now and discover the peace and fulfilment that comes when you live in harmony with the energy of numbers.

After just a short time you’ll discover that things have a tendency to fall into place when you learn to go with the flow.

“I am so glad I got your book. It is so perfect for what I am going through right now. It has helped me see that everything is just going exactly as it should and to just calm down. And I just started reading it!”

Judy Curran Calgary


Here’s what the book will teach you…

In Please Take a Number, Master Numerologist Vikki MacKinnon shows you how to live in harmony with your numbers and create your own personal path of peace and fulfillment. Learn about:

3 Powerful Cycles that shape your reality every day of your life.

12 Numbers that affect all areas of your life.

1 Simple, Accurate, and Reliable System that will:

  • Minimize stress from your overloaded agenda.
  • Create more harmony in your relationships.
  • Provide insight into past and present circumstances.
  • Prepare you for upcoming trends and opportunities.
  • Help you to feel more engaged, productive,and energized – every day of your life!

Your book has been on my bedside table and I find myself consulting it to see how I can best utilize the energies of my personal day, year and month. I have been surprised time and time again at the coincidences and accuracies that your beautiful book holds. I have been recommending it to everyone as its practical applications cannot be ignored. Jacki McLenaghan Pure Potentials Wellness

Buy now and start working in harmony with the energetic forces affecting you every day of your life.

This is a book about you—your days, your months, your years, – your life.
This is a book about time—your time, and an amazingly accurate and effective system for making the best possible use of it.
This is a book about energy—the energy of numbers and how they affect you every day and in every way through temporary vibrations.
Don’t delay – Buy Please Take a Number now and discover the power of numbers in every aspect of your day to day life.