Birthday Forecast (60 minute session and written report)


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You'll find the best casino mit freispielen here, you have time to get it! A birthday forecast is a service that I provide for all of my clients, in order to help them understand the progression of their own unique journey and to make the best possible use of the numeric energy that is dominant in their profile at the time.

Thank you for the incredible information and the awesome insights – they were the “clues and messages” I asked the Universe for.

Laura-Lee Lucente Red Deer AB

I begin by preparing a word document, which typically contains at least eight pages of valuable and pertinent information, to outline the possibilities and potential inherent in their upcoming personal year, as well as describing some of the pitfalls that we must be aware of and how best to avoid them.

Your document contains detailed information about trends and influences in your personal and professional life, specifically career, relationships, and finances.

In each case the findings are put within the context of other numbers in your profile, so that this document is specific to you and your journey.

Your birthday forecast also contains an outline of specific trends and influences that are likely to emerge in each of the three four month periods during your year, as well as a list of pro-active choices and affirmations.

I make a careful examination of each of the letters in your name to see how they are influencing your experience of this personal year.

In addition, we arrange a private session, in person or by phone, to further discuss your personal year within the contents of your own current circumstances.

What are the Benefits of a Birthday Forecast?

When we are aware of the energy of our personal year, we are in a stronger position to make both personal and professional decisions, to reach out and connect with the right people for the right reason, and to gain the benefits of learning from the lessons that life is presenting us on a daily basis. There is nothing like being prepared and informed to boost our confidence and goal attainment!

Questions …There Are Always Questions

Gaining insight into the energy of your current personal year will help you make informed decisions about important questions.

Questions such as:

  • “Is this a good year for me to invest in real estate?”
  • “Will I be better off moving to a new city or province/state?”
  • “Is this the right year for me to go back to school?”
  • “Should I be looking for a new job?”
  • “Am I likely to be offered a promotion this year?”
  • “Should I take on a new business partner or sell my business?”
  • “Is this the year for me to meet a new romantic partner?”
  • “Is my new relationship likely to develop into something meaningful and enduring?”
  • “How can I best replenish my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength this year?”

Perhaps there is a particular issue or decision that has you seeking greater clarification. Your birthday forecast session is the perfect time to examine this issue so that you can make informed choices.

The essence of life is change, and each of us finds doors opening and closing all through our journey. The important thing is to recognize and act on opportunities, so we don’t get stuck in the hallway!

What is the Investment for the Birthday Forecast service?

As of March, 2015, the fee for the Birthday Forecast with the half hour phone session is $135.00.

If you wish to have a one hour session the investment will be $160.00

After my phone call reading with Vikki, I settled into the experience that I was having in my life with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. She gave me clarity and insight into the variety of changes that my life was going through as well as a calculated map that would serve to guide me and continue to light the way. Her expertise was both insightful and supportive.

Mandy Trapp Urban Guru Edmonton AB