Service, Leadership, and Popularity – Numbers for George and Charlotte

What a lovely surprise on Saturday morning, to learn that the long awaited Princess of Cambridge had arrived.

Go to our website and get mustang money free slots. Hurry up to go and start winning. There is a wealth of knowledge encoded in everyone’s name and birth date. Within families we often see numbers fitting together well. The main numerology aspects of Princess Charlotte and Prince George seem to work very well together.

Buy a new best hunting flashlight. Limited offer! Prince George’s 8 life path definitely supports his role as heir to the throne. It indicates that he will grow into an engaging individual, with vision, a strong sense of responsibility, and leadership abilities. Interestingly, he also has an 8 karmic lesson which indicates that leadership is an important part of his soul growth.

Children born in the seventh month tend to be deep thinkers right from the beginning, and are not usually careless or impulsive. As they grow up they learn to value order and discipline, and respect tradition. You'll find the best casino gratis spins ohne einzahlung here, you have time to get it!

His 22 day of birth indicates that he will work well within the structure and protocol of the Royal Family. The 22 is a foundational number. Like his father, grandmother, and other family members, he will feel drawn to directing his efforts toward worthwhile initiatives that can bring lasting benefit to large numbers of people. The 22 also indicates that he will travel overseas a great deal and have a high international profile.

The number 3 energy in the name George brings a degree of charm and popularity – for the most part he will enjoy being a center of attention – while his entire name carries a 1 destiny that further supports decisive leadership.

With her number 5 youth cycle, (determined by her birth month,) Charlotte is likely to have progressive and innovative ideas, and the potential to be original and independent. I think she may find it easier to adapt to change than George, whose 7 month of birth and 22(4) day of birth suggests a preference for tradition, order, and discipline.


Both Charlotte (2 day of birth) and George (22 day of birth) will be charming and poised, with innate skills of diplomacy. With her 6 life path, Charlotte will be more curious about people and likely more comfortable with connecting, and building relationships. George, a thinker and a planner, will be more curious about ideas and possibilities. With his 8 life path, he will want to take charge, to see how much can be accomplished, and who can benefit from his effort.

Your first name is called your “key” because it opens doors in personal and professional settings. Just like your day of birth, the qualities of your first name are obvious to those around you. They have a lot to do with what you expect of yourself and what others see in you and come to expect of you.

Both Charlotte and George have first names that add up to 3. This is the number of charm and popularity. When we look at her other names, we see depth of character, from Elizabeth (7) strong feminine energy, quiet strength and magnetism from Diana, (2). This of course is intensified by her 2 day of birth. When we combine all three names we have a 3 destiny. What that means is that the number of her entire name matches the number of her first name on its own. Again we have the energy of creativity and self-expression.

When we look at George’s full name, (Alexander – more 3, and Louis – 22) we see that both the prince and princess have one middle name that matches their day of birth. Prince George has a 3 “key”, but his total name combines to give him a 1 destiny, the energy of leadership and a keen mind.

The numbers, especially the 2, as well as her 6 life path, seem to suggest that Charlotte will be more sensitive and emotional than George. She may take an interest in music, acting, and live theatre. The 2 and 3 both favour music while the 6 favours performing arts in general.

With her 6 life path Charlotte will feel most fulfilled when she can be of service to others. I was asked to compare her to Queen Elizabeth, and certainly there is some 3 energy in Elizabeth’s profile, (April 21).I sense more similarity with her grandmother, since the name Diana is a 2. I also think that she could be like her great aunt, Princess Ann, who seeks little attention yet quietly serves and supports many worthwhile causes. (It has been said that of all the royals she is the least recognized for her contribution.)Princess Charlotte will likely receive more attention, and will handle it graciously, but the strong 2 energy as well as the 6 life path suggests that she will be quite content whenever she can remain in the background.

Princess Charlotte’s 6 life path indicates that she will have a strong sense of loyalty to her family and her country. She will respect traditions but won’t likely feel as bound to them as her brother will.