What is Your Marriage Path?

The sixth month of the year often brings our relationships into focus, so I wanted to share the following information about wedding dates.

 A lot of thought goes into choosing a wedding date, but unfortunately many couples are not aware that the date they choose will play a critical part in the course of their marriage.

Just as your date of birth determines your life path, the date of your wedding determines your marriage path.

The marriage path tells us how the couple will be as a couple, and the types of influences and experiences they will attract into their life as a couple. It brings a greater chance of success to the marriage if the path is one that both partners will find harmonious.

The number of the marriage path should compliment the core numbers of each partner as much as possible. Consider the partner’s life path. This tells about the kind of experiences the individual will prefer, and the soul urge, which tells what is important to each partner. Also consider the pinnacles that each is in and the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is particularly important for couples entering a second marriage sometime in their late thirties or beyond. The destiny will show you what type of marriage path each person will be comfortable with and will find easiest to work within.

If the numbers above are just too diverse to come to a satisfactory marriage path, then consider choosing a marriage path that will compliment or match the harmony number between the two people’s soul urge.

To calculate a marriage path, write the date of the wedding with a plus sign between each digit. (Leave out the zeroes). Add the digits together and keep adding until you get either one digit or the master numbers 11, or 22. That will be the number of the marriage path.

For example a couple married on April 15, 1995 would calculate the marriage path as follows: 4+1+5+1+9+9+5=34, 3+4=7;  a couple married on October 16, 2010 would leave out the zeroes and calculate as follows: 1+1+6+2+1=11

1 Most people get married because they want to join their lives together the 1 marriage path promotes independence, makes  communication difficult, makes it hard to think of the other person’s needs. Partners will be independent, possibly to the extent that they actually ignore one another and that they each become selfish or stubborn.

2 Partners may become good friends and value companionship with each other, although they may become overly dependent, or try to mislead each other. They may have trouble making important decisions that will move them ahead as a couple.

3 Partners will be extremely sociable as a couple, and are likely to attract a lot of friends. They may enjoy the visual and performing arts. Their finances may be scattered and they may need to be reminded to listen to each other and connect deeply, as the 3 can sometimes be superficial.

4 This is a solid hard working couple. They may set up a lot of boundaries, but they will have a secure home. Things could be a little dull, but definitely steady, stable, and predictable. These people will establish their home and family and be respectable citizens in the community.

5 This is a great path for a couple that can respect each other’s right to independence, and also a couple that enjoys traveling together. There can sometimes be financial set backs. In fact this marriage could go either way, feast or famine.

6 These people can be moody with each other, but also very loving and responsible. Home and family will be important and there will be a lot of activity with the extended family. It’s a good path for a couple who wants to have children. Also, the house will likely be quite beautiful and the couple will likely be loyal to each other. The 6 can be a very favourable marriage path.

7 This couple may be quite insular, with a quiet well ordered home. When children arrive, they will focus on their immediate family. Again they will have to work to avoid secrecy with each other and keep communication open. This path may impose some limitations on their financial growth. It is a good marriage path for academic couples or couples involved in the church or missionary work etc.

8 This is the couple that wants to do things in a big way. Both partners will have a strong point of view. They are extroverted and like to be seen out and about.  They will do a lot together and become well known. This path carries potential for prosperity in the marriage; both partners will work towards financial and material rewards. They will probably have an expensive home, and lots of travel.

9 This could go either way, as there will be a lot of time spent outside of the marriage with other people. This path is good for artistic people. It also promotes synergistic work on behalf of others for the greater good. This couple could be involved in charity work. Quality time alone as a couple will be hard to find, but there could be mutual satisfaction through their work. This path would also favour working together as healers, and it indicates lots of traveling. There could be some dramatic arguments in a 9 path.

11 This is a good marriage path for High achievers, want to accomplish a lot on their own and as a couple. These partners value independence, and may choose not to have children. Will be well known individually and as a couple, may live apart for periods of time, and may be involved in spiritual or intellectual pursuits. They may also move abruptly and surprise friends and family members with sudden developments in their lives.

22 Most of the time I wouldn’t suggest a master number for a marriage path. There is too much nervous energy. But a 22 marriage path could work for two people who would like to work in a business, to accomplish major goals, and travel. It combines the qualities of 8 and 4, and the partners would likely be highly sensitive to each other’s needs. 22 marriage path may have the couple moving overseas for work at some point.