March 2017 Numerology Forecast

Add the number of your month of birth (4 for April, 9 for September etc.) to your day of birth. If your last birthday was in 2016 add the number 9 to your first total. (2+0+1+6=9).  If you have already had your 2016 birthday or will have it very soon, you will add the number 1 to your first calculation.

Most of you will have a two digit number. If it is 11, 22, or 33, your calculations are finished- if not, add those two digits together to get only one digit.

For example, if your birthday is February 16:

add 2+1+6+1  =10;   1+0=1   This person will begin a 1 personal year

If your birthday was December 27:

add 1+2+2+7+9 = 21;   2+1=3  This person is in a 3 personal year

Let’s look at the descriptors for your personal month and see how you can welcome spring of 2017.

1 Personal Year: March supports you in re-evaluating priorities and taking care of unfinished business. To feel lighter and more content, make this a month of “anti-procrastination”. Ask yourself: “How will I feel when I bring this to satisfactory completion?”

2 or 11 Personal Year: You’ve been working hard. You’ve had a lot of balls up in the air for a long time, and it looks as though you have to keep juggling for most of this month. Be grateful for productive work, but do take down time whenever you can, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Ask yourself: Will this activity replenish my life force energy?

3 Personal Year: You have plenty of original ideas, and some inspire you to be of service.  Get them down on paper, sit with them, prioritize, and be cautions in taking on  new commitments. This month especially it will be important for you to finish what you start.  Ask yourself: Do I really have the time or the inclination to make this commitment?

4 or 22 Personal Year Hold your cards close this month. Operate on a need to know basis. Certain plans and ideas are still in process and may be subject to change or at least delays, (which always serve us in the long run.) Time outside helps you think clearly. Ask yourself:  Am I getting enough fresh air?

5 Personal Year: You may feel overwhelmed with information and details. It’s time for big picture thinking, time to get a clear picture of what you want. This month is likely to bring a breakthrough in your personal/ professional life. There is definitely a sense of momentum and forward movement. Ask yourself: how can I remain physically and mentally strong?

6 or 33 Personal Year:  Change is in order. It’s time to get your energy flowing again. Make a change in your personal space this month (even a small change) and you’ll notice how things will open up for you and start an upward trend. Make a decision to be more active and you’ll invite positive experiences. Ask yourself: What positive change will I co-create?

7 Personal Year: Some serious” me time” is in order, along with restorative rest, and it looks like you’ll have more time for this in March. Get your calendar out and schedule in quality time alone. Make you, your health, and your peace of mind a priority. Ask yourself: “How can I be my own best friend?”

8 Personal Year:  You’re making important decisions this month, and managing situations that you may or may not have anticipated. Communication and technology are strong themes. March brings a possibility of career change or advancement.  You’ll feel more ready to welcome spring if you get more sleep and tone down the mind-chatter. Ask yourself: What can I delegate?

9 Personal Year: You’ve had your share of responsibilities this year and by now you feel ready for a break. It’s time to play a little and nurture your inner child. Don’t spread yourself, (or your money), too thin; but if possible spend some good times with your friends. This would also be a good time to get out to a concert or play. Ask yourself: “What can I do today just for fun?”