Numbers and Wine…What’s Your Party Style?

The ancient science of Numerology provides a vast amount of information about all areas of your life.

When you combine all of the digits in your complete date of birth, you get an aspect that numerologists call your life path. Knowing your life path can assist you in finding fulfillment in your life’s work, hobbies and leisure pastimes, and relationships. It indicates areas where you will likely excel, interests that will add enjoyment to your life, the type of life style you embrace, and it may even indicate your preferences in food and wine.

On November 1 (at Crowfoot in the NW) and November 22 (at Shawnessy in the SW), I’ll be working with Mike Roberts, the sommelier at Co-op Wines and Spirits, for an evening of sampling wines and spirits, and numerology readings!

Mike has been given the descriptors for each of the numbers and is bringing his expertise into pairing each number with a special drink. Is your number a sparkling bubbly? An elegant martini?  A rich and subdued Burgundy?

If you are able to attend, you can purchase tickets on-line by following the links below: – Shawnessy – Crowfoot

Whether you are able to join us or not, be sure to calculate your life path according to directions below and then read below to find out what the numbers say about your “party style”

We calculate the Life Path by adding all of the digits in your date of birth. Start with the corresponding number for the month that you were born. Add the day, and then the year, placing a plus sign between each digit. You will most likely end up with a two digit number. Add those two digits together to get a one digit number.

July 22, 1969 would be:

7+2+2+1+9+6+9 =36


Your life path number is 9.

One more example:

February 8, 1972 would be:

2+8+1+9+7+2 = 29


In this case the birth date adds up to the number 11. Both 11 and 22 are called Master Numbers. We do not reduce them to one digit.

1 With a 1 life path, you are fresh and young at heart, and you may be impulsive at times. You are direct and decisive, and you frequently ask “What are we waiting for?”  As a possibility thinker, the words “cutting edge” or “avant garde” apply to you. At work or play you are competitive, independent and ambitious. You are stylish and original. Although you are captivated by all things that are new and modern, including food and drink, you are a leader and will not blindly follow trends.

2 With a 2 life path, you are a team player. At work and when socializing you take a subtle and diplomatic approach. For the most part you tend to prefer quiet companionship. You appreciate music and poetry, and enjoy being near water. You may be shy, but you do possess a degree of personal magnetism. If you are a woman you exude feminine energy, and if you are a man it is likely that you relate well to women of all ages. Although you are unassuming, there is a lot of depth to your character. Your preference for understated elegance will be reflected in your choice of wines and spirits.

3 With a 3 life path, you are a sparkling conversationalist. You are witty, light-hearted, and sexy. You receive a lot of invitations, and enjoy being the center of attention at the many social events you attend. In fact, you may also enjoy taking center stage as a performer. When you are not socializing or performing, you are probably doing something creative. You love colour, and whatever you wear, you have a knack for putting yourself together with style and panache. Your drink of choice will reflect your flamboyant and fun-loving personality.

4 With a 4 life path, you are serious, practical, direct, and reliable. You like to be active and productive. You take pride in doing your work to the best of your ability and honouring promises that you have made. Your style is unpretentious. When you are not at work or some formal event, you are probably most comfortable in jeans and T-shirts. You may enjoy gardening, hiking, or nature photography. Wine and food are an extension of your close connection to Mother Earth.

5 With a 5 life path, you hope to be here for a long time, and you’re definitely here for a good time! This is a dynamic and sensuous number. Freedom and independence are of supreme importance to you. You are curious, adventurous, and open minded. You have a wide range of interests and you love to travel. You enjoy meeting new people and having a variety of new experiences. You appreciate vibrant colours and fine textures, and savour rich food and wine.

6 With a 6 life path, you live to connect with others. Ever the gracious hostess, ever the charming and considerate guest, you simply have a talent for putting people at ease. You create beautiful, harmonious environments and love to welcome family, friends, co-workers and members of your community into your home. You are tasteful and elegant in all of your personal choices. Wine and food provide a focus for coming together, for creating and nurturing relationships.

7 With a 7 life path, you have a thirst for knowledge, and a tendency to develop expertise in one or more areas of interest. Your leisure time may be spent in museums and antique stores, or in scientific pursuits. You are secretive, and selective. You do not readily engage in conversation, but when you are with people who share the same interests you are a charming and intelligent companion. You are refined, reserved, and elegant, with a deep respect for family and cultural traditions, and  a preference for quietly elegant drinks.

8 As an 8, you were born to be a class act, and you will never do anything by half measures. You have grand vision, and great expectations. Like the 1, you are competitive, decisive, and ambitious.  You gravitate toward the world of business and financial concerns. You are not at all ostentatious for the sake of impressing others, but whether choosing fashion, furniture, or food and drink, you have discerning taste, and an eye for quality.

9 If you have a 9 life path, it is possible that you have travelled far and wide or at least read extensively about different places and cultures. You are curious, you love people, and you connect with them on a soul level. In fact your compassion and humanitarian interests may take you to third world countries. You will run the gamut of emotional experiences and may attract drama into your life and relationships. You are artistic and romantic, with sophisticated tastes in décor, food and wine.

11 With a master number 11 life path, you are energetic, inspired, and highly creative and original in your thinking. You command a lot of attention, and you may at some point in your life become famous. You are distinctive, demanding, and direct. You value crisp, clear communication, and see through appearances.  You tend to push for perfection in whatever you are doing, and set high standards for yourself and others. Your tastes are also distinctive, your style is unique, and your choice of wines and spirits will likely take you off the beaten path.

22 If your life path is the master number 22 you have highly developed intuitive abilities and strongly grounded feminine energy. You have an expansive mindset, a grand vision, and an ability to handle the details. You work hard on daunting tasks and expect to achieve worthwhile results. This number usually attracts wealth, and often indicates work for charitable causes. You have a broad outlook, discerning tastes, and an interest in international travel, all of which will be reflected in your choices of food and drink.

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