Your 2017 Personal Year Forecast

Your personal year is a temporary vibration that influences your life in highly discernible ways. It begins each year on your birthday, although the preceding weeks will often bring a noticeable period of transition from the previous year. Even though it’s temporary, this is a very important component of your number profile.

Knowing your personal year number helps you to understand what is happening in your life right now. It encourages you to accept delays and embrace unexpected changes to your plans, knowing that your highest good will always prevail. In fact, knowing the number of your personal year helps you to make good use of that energy, to align your thoughts and deeds, goals and action plans with it in such a way that your quality of life is enhanced.

We all move in regular progressive patterns through our personal years 1 to 9, although at times we may experience the energy of a Master number year 11, 22, or 33 instead of the lower octaves 2, 4, and 6.

Your personal year begins on your birthday, and unless your birthday is at the beginning of January or end of December you will experience the energy of two personal years within each calendar year.

Add the number of your month of birth (4 for April, 9 for September etc.) to your day of birth. If your last birthday was in 2016 add the number 9 to your first total. (2+0+1+6=8).  If you have already had your 2016 birthday or will have it very soon, you will add the number 1 to your first calculation.

Most of you will have a two digit number. If it is 11 or 22  your calculations are finished- if not, add those two digits together to get only one digit.

For example, if your birthday is February 16:

add  2+1+6+1  =10;   1+0=1   This person will begin a 1 personal year

If your birthday was December 27:

add  1+2+2+7+9 = 21;   2+1=3  This person is in a 3 personal year

1 You may feel that you have been undervalued, especially in your workplace and may wish to strike out in a bold new direction. This year you must be clear on your core values. Take inventory of areas where you have authentic power, and prioritize your needs. A double dose of the 1 energy can signify breakthrough and abrupt change. February is a good month for you to take some play time.

Reflective Question: How do I acknowledge my self-worth?

2 & 11 The 2-1 dance can be tricky, and marriage/partnership issues may come to the surface. Something you began last year needs your attention. If it is still important to you, you need to take it off the back burner. Make adjustments, take care of details, determine your next best action step and apply discipline. The 11/1 combination brings its fair share of “patience practice” moments. You are no longer willing to tolerate circumstances that are not serving you or others. February is your “anti-procrastination” month. Not a moment to lose!

Reflective Question:  How do I really feel about current projects and goals?

3  Original and creative ideas abound. As long as you are honest with yourself, the 1 energy of 2017 can help you decide which of your ideas are most likely to make a positive difference. It can also help you maintain your focus as you bring your plans into concrete reality. (Distractions will come along.) Your 3 year also carries the potential for travel and romance. February may bring an opportunity for you to take a break.

Reflective Question:  Is this project/activity/event a distraction or an enhancement?

4 & 22 Work is demanding. Others depend on you to complete assignments and deliver the goods,(and sometimes to pull up the slack). A 22 year indicates a heavy work assignment that will impact a large number of people and may take you overseas. Progress is not dramatic this year, but if you remain disciplined and organized you will see positive results.  The 4/1 combination may result in rigid thinking. Remain open to new information and different points of view. February may bring your attention to repairs or improvements needed at home.

Reflective Question:  What are my expectations? What results do I want to see for my efforts?

5 You are craving freedom and ready to make friends with change.2017 strongly supports you in exploring new options, making new connections, sharing ideas and information, bringing others on board with worthwhile plans and projects. The 1/5 influence can bring opportunities to travel to a new destination or move to a new part of the country. Be careful to maintain a financial safety net. February calls you to proceed cautiously with a new relationship or business venture.

Reflective Question:  What parts of my current reality am I willing to give up? Will it be enough to bring the change I seek?

6 The 1 and 6 energies can be a tricky combination. In the midst of your quest for independence you find that there are loved ones who need your time and attention, and responsibilities that must be fulfilled. 2017 brings opportunities to strengthen mutually supportive relationships and to either heal or release those that are not serving the highest good. You may take on a new role this year as a parent or a grandparent. February brings moderate improvements in your finances.

Reflective Question:  What have I done today as an act of self-love?

7 “Stop the world, I want to get off!” 1 and 7 energies support you as you bring responsibilities to completion; release some obligations such as committee work or certain roles within your family/community. Your social life tapers off. The 7 is an introspective year. Reflecting on your journey – your personal and spiritual growth – brings clarity and a sense of direction.  February brings heightened sensitivity, intuitive guidance, and opportunities for spiritual healing.

Reflective Question:  How will I use this time to replenish my life force energy?

8 Physically strong and mentally sharp, you’re on top of your game. The 1 and 8 energies work well together and will move you forward in life if you play by the rules. (Integrity and discipline) Your focus is on your career and you step up to new responsibilities and leadership roles. Big picture thinking and effective time management are critical at this time. This is a powerful combination for athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. February brings a new project and possibly a new designation within your industry.

Reflective Question:  Who do I want to be in this situation?

9 You may crave time to yourself, yet there are many valid reasons why you need to “be there” for others. 2017 expands your sphere of influence and positions you to inspire others with your words and deeds. What you do and how you do it has a profound impact on your next nine years. Trust your intuition. February brings news and sheds light on a current situation.

Reflective Question:  What do I wish everyone could understand?

(Detailed personal year forecasts are available. These include a written document and a private session. Please call 403-667-8932 or e-mail if you would like more information.)