2017 Let’s Make it a Fresh Start

It’s run its course – the drama, the trauma, the clashing ideals, the emotional roller coaster that was 2016.This year when we open the calendar to January 1, we will begin not just a new year but an entirely new nine year cycle. We’re starting over again with a 1 global calendar year.

This is a time for sowing seeds, attracting opportunities, and considering possibilities.

The 1 energy is connected to the sun, which brings life and sustenance to all of us. It is open and direct, and for better or worse, we should know exactly what we’re dealing with.

I’m hopeful that we won’t see the same kind of anger, dis-empowerment, fear and frustration that was so evident throughout 2016. The 9 energy is emotional and idealistic while the1 brings forward focused mental energy, with some physical undertones.

I’m particularly encouraged to see the 7 in 2017. The 7 always brings the voice of reason and caution, and it could have a balancing effect on the youthful, sometimes impulsive, impatient number 1.

The 1 is known to be a masculine energy. Those of us who embrace the cause of women’s rights, and fundamental human rights may feel concerned. We have already felt the sting of accelerated backlash in recent months as some groups and individuals cling to the paradigms of the last century. We will continue our work undaunted, and the 1 energy will help us to catch our breath, regroup, and gain unity and clarity in our purpose and direction. This is our millennium, and the 2020’s will be our decade.

Potential Themes for 2017


  • 1 brings the energy of competition. We are dealing with some leaders who are ego-driven, and we could see greater polarization among their followers.


  • Self-discovery, pride in one’s ethnic origins will play a role in the choices people make this year. They will be asking questions such as “Who am I?” “Where are my roots?” “Where do I belong?”


  • On an individual level we will be seeking ways to become more self-sufficient. This could lead to an increased number of families choosing to grow their own food and live “off the grid”.
  • On an international level we may see a rise in activity amongst various separatist movements around the world. (Scottish independence, Quebec sovereignty etc.)


  • One of my favourite things about the number 1 is that it is often solution focused. It fosters creativity and possibility thinking. This is the year for all of us to ask “What if?” and “Why not?”.

Industries and Initiatives favoured in 2017 include:

Anti-aging and/or Fitness products

Personal training

Personal and Business coaching

Scientific Research and Development

Medical Discoveries

Solar Power


Solo competitive athletic activities

Weight Loss

Proactive choices for 2017.

First of all, I would suggest a releasing and healing ritual for the outgoing year. Mother Earth and our Human Family need our love at this time. Smudge your home, use a singing bowl or candles, or just spend time sending out positive intentions and healing energy. Do this on your own or with a group. There is no right or wrong way. Your love makes a difference and can heal in all directions of time.

Focus your attention on good things that are happening in the world. Ask yourself: “Where can I send loving thoughts today?”

Celebrate your own personal wins.

Ask yourself “What have I done recently as an act of self-love?”

Familiarize yourself with the energy of numbers in general and your personal numbers in particular. They are centres of energy that you can tap into to strengthen your position and enhance your life.

As you progress through the coming months, keep your mind open to exploring new possibilities, meeting new people, trying new activities or learning something new.

Incorporate a new and healthy morning habit, such as five to ten minutes of stretching or writing affirmations, to help you get each day off to a good start. Ask yourself: What small step could I take to attract positive change into my life?

This is no time for unfinished business. Set plans and goals, then make commitments, develop an action plan, and FOLLOW THROUGH.

I wish you all an empowering year.